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Webinar: Automate Your 3D Design with Autodesk Inventor

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Automating design processes in Autodesk Inventor can save you time and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks and ensuring consistency in your designs. You can automate your design workflow in Autodesk Inventor using several methods such as Model State, Excel Integration and iLogic. The automation in Autodesk Inventor can be as simple or as complex as your needs require. In ...
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Seminar: Improved your furniture design with Autodesk technology

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Furniture industry today is facing the rising in Manufacturing cost, especially when minimum labour wages is increased. Balancing between the increasing manufacturing cost and offering good quality end product at a competitive price has become a major challenge. In this event, we will showcase Autodesk new software innovation and technology that will bring your furniture design up to a whole ...
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Webinar: How to Design Light weight and Structurally Efficient Parts

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A key aspect of value engineering is to produce a part that is functional yet cost effective. Let’s explore how we can design lightweight yet structurally efficient parts by harnessing the power of Inventor 2023. •   Establishing the mechanical requirement of your design •   Letting Inventor to determine the shape of your part •   Workflow in optimizing your part’s shape ...
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Webinar: 10 Factory Design Utilities Tips and Tricks

reliantdesignsolutions Autodesk, Webinar

Discover 10 exposed and hidden functions to use Factory Design Utilities software more efficiently with the latest release. We will cover topics on: -  Discover new functions in the latest release of Factory Design Utilities - Learn how to use Factory Design Utilities as a product configurator - Learn how to integrate Factory Design Utilities in new and existing processes ...
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Webinar: Inventor Mechanism Design

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Maximize productivity of machine elements design with the full power of Autodesk Inventor and its Design Accelerators toolsets. We will cover topics on: - Design and calculate shafts - Design and calculate gears and bearings - Use CAD efficiently to design machines and mechanisms Who should attend? Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Modeller / drafter Event Details : Date : 18 March ...

Webinar: Inventor streamlining CAM workflows

reliantdesignsolutions Autodesk, Webinar

Look at common CAM programming workflows to analyze the repetitive steps within each. Walk through the steps to create a template that minimizes those repetitive steps to drastically reduce overall programming time. We will cover topics on: - Identify repetitive steps in cams - build manufacturing template to reduce repetitive steps - flexible toolpaths and parametrically stable selections Who should ...

Webinar: Anybody can do it: Easily Build Revit Content in Inventor

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Inventor software has the capability to generate Revit-ready content, but often this requires specialized knowledge of the process. CAD designer could quickly assemble components with BIM-enabled features, easily compile multiple components into one compiled model, and populate BIM connectors for final insertion into Revit with a click of a button We will cover topics on: - How to use the ...

Webinar on MFG: 2D + 3D: Get the best both with AutoCAD and Inventor

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In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can have the flexibility of 2D AutoCAD software when you need it, and the automation power of Inventor software when you're ready! In this webinar, we will cover topics: Discover to reuse AutoCAD 2D data inside Inventor Use reference 2D AutoCAD drawings into Inventor Who should attend? Mechanical Design Engineer/ Mechanical engineer, HOD, ...

FY21Q1 – PDMC for Manufacturing

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Do you have the right tool for every job? If you use 2D CAD but don't use 3D, too, you could be missing much more than a design tool. Working with both tools together unlocks capabilities that benefit the entire development cycle, like: Automated modeling workflows Easier design changes Automatic updates to downstream deliverables Advanced simulations High-quality visualizations CAM integration ...