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SketchUp Advanced Training


Learn how to create more compelling 3D graphics using the advanced features in SketchUp Pro. Sketchup Advanced Training introduces solid modeling with the Boolean operations and Trim and Split, adding and manipulating cameras, and creating terrains from contours and from scratch. Then, dive into the new Dynamic Components, SketchUp’s most powerful feature, which can add motion and interactivity to a model. Lastly, explore two companion apps (LayOut, for creating documents featuring SketchUp models, and Style Builder, for creating custom styles) and reviews the plugins available through the Extension Warehouse

2 Days


  • A working knowledge of your operating system.
  • Essential knowledge in SketchUp.


  • Solid modeling
  • Creating advanced cameras
  • Changing camera properties
  • Working with terrains
  • Working with custom attributes of Dynamic Components
  • Creating dynamic materials
  • Adding interactivity like motion and rotation
  • Creating documents with LayOut
  • Installing plugins

Chapter 1 Solid Modeling
1.1.    Understanding Boolean operations
1.2.    Working with Trim and Split
1.3.    Creating shells

Chapter 2 Advanced Camera Tools
2.1.    Creating advanced cameras
2.2.    Manipulating cameras
2.3.    Changing camera properties
2.4.    Working with standard camera types

Chapter 3 Working with Terrains
3.1.    Creating terrains with contours
3.2.    Creating terrains from scratch
3.3.    Sculpting terrains with Smoove
3.4.    Draping and stamping on terrains

Chapter 4 Creating Dynamic Components
4.1.    Using the Component Attributes window
4.2.    Working with custom attributes
4.3.    Creating a dropdown list for size and pricing
4.4.    Creating dynamic materials
4.5.    Creating a dynamic picket fence: Introduction
4.6.    Creating a dynamic picket fence: Assembling the components
4.7.    Creating a dynamic picket fence: Making pickets multiply
4.8.    Creating a dynamic picket fence: Making fence posts multiply
4.9.    Creating a dynamic picket fence: Customizing attributes
4.10.    Adding interactivity: Motion
4.11.    Adding interactivity: Rotation
4.12.    Adding interactivity: Changing colors

Chapter 5 Creating Documents with LayOut
5.1.    The LayOut interface
5.2.    Drawing lines and arcs
5.3.    Drawing rectangles
5.4.    Drawing circles and polygons
5.5.    Modifying line styles and color
5.6.    Working with text and labels
5.7.    Inserting SketchUp models
5.8.    Manipulating SketchUp models
5.9.    Working with dimensions
5.10.    Arranging and grouping objects
5.11.    Working with scrapbooks
5.12.    Creating presentations
5.13.    Exporting and printing

Chapter 6 Creating Styles with Style Builder
6.1.    Introducing the Style Builder interface
6.2.    Working with strokes

Chapter 7 Working with the Extension Warehouse
7.1.    Installing plugins
7.2.    Uninstalling plugins