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Autodesk Plant Design Essential Training

Learn how to use the AutoCAD® P&ID, AutoCAD® Plant 3D and Autodesk® Navisworks® software to complete a plant design project. This comprehensive training includes all common workflows for plant design plus a focus on project setup and administration.

5 Days


  • A working knowledge of the AutoCAD® software and the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.


  • To be proficient in using AutoCAD Plant 3D
  • To be proficient in using AutoCAD P&ID
  • Apply Navisworks in for plant coordination
  • Setting up and administering a Plant project

HRDF Claimable:

HRDF_logoAs a Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) registered training center, our courses/ training are HRDF claimable.

Authorized Autodesk Training Center:

Trainees / Students completed training will receive Certificate of Completion from Autodesk.

Chapter 1: Introduction to AutoCAD Plant 3D

Lesson: Working in a Project
About Projects
Data Organization
About the Project Manager
About the Data Manager
Work in a Project

Lesson: Opening a Drawing
Opening Drawings
Renaming Drawings
Open a Drawing in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Lesson: Exploring the User Interface
Task Specific Workspaces
Task Specific Ribbons
About Tool Palettes
About the Properties Palette
On-Screen Tools
Explore the User Interface

Lesson: Managing Layers and Colors
About Layers
Manage Layers and Colors

Chapter 2: AutoCAD P&ID

Lesson: Creating a New Drawing
Creating Project Folders and Sub-Folders
Creating a Drawing
Adding Existing Drawings to the Project
Access Drawing Properties
Create a New P&ID Drawing

Lesson: Equipment and Nozzles
Adding Equipment
Modify an Existing P&ID Symbol
Adding Nozzles
Adding Tag Information
Equipment and Nozzles

Lesson: Piping
Creating Lines
Attaching Lines to a Component
Annotating Lines
Inserting Valves
Grouping Lines
Place Lines and Inline Components

Chapter 2 – Continue

Lesson: Instruments and Instrument Lines
Adding General Instruments
Adding Inline Instruments
Using Instrumentation Lines
Instruments and Instrument Lines

Lesson: Tagging Concepts
View Existing Tag Numbers
Linking Symbols to Multiple Drawings
Add a Tag and Link Multiple Symbols to a Tag

Lesson: Annotation Concepts
About Tag Data
Annotating a Symbol
Tag Styles
Annotate Your P&ID

Lesson: Editing Techniques
Applying Corners to Lines
Linking Lines
Creating Gaps in Pipe Lines
Basic Line Editing
Substitute Symbols
Flow Arrow
Modify the Layout of your P&ID

Lesson: Data Manager and Reports
About the Data Manager
Using the Data Manager
Drawing, Project, and Report Data
Exporting Project Data
Importing Project Data
Filtering Data in the Data Manager
Use Data Manager to Review, Export, and Import Data

Lesson: Custom One-off Symbols
Create a Custom P&ID Symbol
Customize One-off Symbols

Lesson: Off Page Connections
About Off-page Connectors
Adding Off-Page Connectors
Connecting Off-Page Connectors
Delete an Off Page Connector
Data Manager Edits and Off-page Connectors
Add and Leverage Off Page Connectors

Lesson: Advanced Topics and Troubleshooting
Creating New Class Definitions
Creating New Component Symbols
Adding Attachment Points to Symbols
Creating Equipment Annotation Styles
Validating Project and Drawings
Convert and Create Symbols / Solve Validation Issues

Lesson: P&ID Admin for Users
Locating Drawings
Adding Project Categories
Adding Properties to Categories
Adding Drawing Properties
Inserting Property Data
Manage a P&ID Project

Lesson: Generating Reports
About Project Reports
Generating Reports Using Report Creator
Generate Reports

Chapter 3: AutoCAD Plant 3D

Lesson: Creating Project Folders and Drawings
Project Manager
Creating Folders
Create Project Folders and Drawings

Lesson: Steel Modeling and Editing
Adding Structural Parts
Configure the Settings
Part Modification
Build a Steel Structure

Lesson: Equipment Modeling and Editing
Creating Equipment
About Nozzles
Equipment Templates
Create Equipment

Lesson: Piping Basics
Routing Pipe
Modifying Pipe
Valves and Fittings
About Pipe Support
Route Pipe and Add Fittings, Branch Connections, and Pipe Supports

Lesson: Piping Editing and Advanced Topics
Copying Parts and Pipeline Sections
Managing Changes in Xref files
Placeholder and Custom Parts
Selecting an Entire Pipe Run
Isolate, Hide, and Lock Pipe Runs
Modify and Reuse Data

Lesson: Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D
About Working with P&ID Data in Plant 3D
Using the P&ID Line List to Place Lines and Inline Equipment
Validating the P&ID and Plant 3D Designs
Add and Validate Pipelines Using the P&ID Line List

Lesson: Creating and Annotating Orthographic Views
About Orthographic Drawings
Creating and Editing Orthographic Views
Annotations and Dimensions
Updating Orthographic Drawings
Create and Annotate Orthographic Views

Lesson: Creating Isometric Drawings
About Creating Isometric Drawings
Creating, and Adding Data to Isometric Drawings
Specification Sheets and Files
Process to Create Isometric Drawings
Create Isometric Drawings

Chapter 4: Navisworks

Lesson: File Handling
File Types
Setting File Units
Work with Navisworks Files

Lesson: Basic Navigation and Walkthrough
Viewing a Model
Selecting Objects in a Model
Viewing Object Properties
Navigate Your Way through a Design

Lesson: Clash Detection
Conducting a Clash Test
Clash Detective
Conduct Clash Tests

Lesson: Highlights of Scheduling, Animation, and Rendering
Work within the Fourth Dimension

Chapter 5: Setting up and Administering a Plant Project

Lesson: Overview of Project Setup
Opening an Existing Project
Creating a New Project
Default Drawing Templates
Project Folders
Set Up and Structure Your Project

Lesson: Overview of Project Structure and Files
About the Data and Files in a Project
New Drawing Creation Locations
Managing Files and Folders in Moved or Copied Projects
Working with Plant 3D and P&ID Drawings in AutoCAD
Manage Your Project

Lesson: Setting Up Larger Projects
Setting Up a Project for Multiple User Access
Configuring the File Name Format
Locking the Project Properties
XREF Demand Load
Set Up a Project for Multiple Users

Lesson: Defining New Objects and Properties
Creating Symbols and Setting Color and Layer
Add Properties as Selection List and Acquire Functions
Setting a Tag Format
Creating a Custom Annotation Style
Create Symbols and Set Up the Tagging Scheme

Lesson: Customizing Data Manager
Default Reports and Views in the Data Manager
Modifying Existing Reports
Setting up Data Manager Views Used in the Project
Configuring a Custom Report
Setting up Export and Import Settings
Create Views and Manage Reports

Lesson: Creating and Editing Drawing Templates and Data Attributes
About Property Fields
Custom Properties
Process of Moving AutoCAD Templates to Plant 3D Templates
Create a Template for AutoCAD Plant 3D

Lesson: Specs and Catalogs
Spec Editor
Process: Editing Parts
Configure Specs and Catalogs

Lesson: Isometric Setup
About Iso Styles
Iso Style Customization
Setting Up the Bill of Materials (BOM)
Creating and Configuring a New Iso Style
Setting up a Custom Title Block for Iso Drawings
Exercise: Create a Custom Isometric Drawing Set Up

Lesson: Troubleshooting
Validating Drawings
Auditing Drawings
Quick ISO
ISO Congestion
Exercise: Troubleshooting

Lesson: Setting Up SQL Express for AutoCAD Plant 3D
About Plant 3D Databases
Setting Up to Use a Server Database
Installing SQL Server Express
Introduction to Setting Up SQL Server to Allow Connections
SQL Server Express Configuration and Management
Creating a New Plant 3D Project that Uses SQL Server Express
Converting a Project to SQL Server
Install SQL Express and Set Up Plant 3D Projects to Use SQL Express

Lesson: Creating and Managing Report Configurations
About Report Configuration Files
Location of Report Configuration Files
Creating and Editing Report Configurations
Configuring Report Queries
Customizing the Report Layout
Fields, Calculated Fields, and Expressions
Styles for Reports and Cells
Create and Manage Report Configuration Files