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AutoCAD Electrical Essential Training

The AutoCAD Electrical Essential training covers the indispensable core topics for working with the AutoCAD Electrical software. In this training, students learn how to use many of the powerful electrical drawing creation tools in the AutoCAD Electrical software. Students create schematic drawings (ladder logic and point to point), panel drawings, and PLC-I/O circuits using automated commands for symbol insertion, component tagging, wire numbering, and drawing modification. In addition, students are introduced to methods of customizing AutoCAD Electrical symbols, circuits, and databases. Other topics covered include titleblock linking, reporting tools, templates, and project files.

3 Days


  • A working knowledge of the AutoCAD® software and electrical terminology.


  • Understanding project files.
  • Creating and editing schematic and panel drawings.
  • Working with PLC symbols.
  • Creating custom symbols.
  • Generating reports.

HRDF Claimable:

HRDF_logoAs a Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) registered training center, our courses/ training are HRDF claimable.

Authorized Autodesk Training Center:

Trainees / Students completed training will receive Certificate of Completion from Autodesk.

Chapter 1 Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical
What is AutoCAD Electrical?
Drawing Files
Electrical Components and Wires
Design Methodologies

Chapter 2 Project Files
Project Files
Project Manager Interface
Accessing Project Files
Opening a Drawing
Creating a Drawing
Add a Drawing to a Project File
Managing Drawings in Projects
Project Manager Drawing List

Chapter 3 Schematics I – Single Wires/Components
Insert Wires
Edit Wires
Add Rungs
Wire Setup
Wire Numbers
Source & Destination Signal Arrows
Insert Component
Parent/Child Components

Chapter 4 Schematics II – Multiwire and Circuits
Dashed Link Lines
Phase Ladders
Multiple Wire Bus
Phase Components
Phase Wire Numbering
Cable Markers
Fan In/Out
Insert Saved Circuits
Save Circuits to Icon Menu
WBlock Circuits
Copy Circuit
Move Circuit
Circuit Clipboard
Circuit Builder

Chapter 5 Editing Commands
Edit Component
Project Task List
Move Component
Copy Component
Delete Component
Surfer Command
Copy Catalog Assignment
Copy Installation/Location Code Values
Attribute Editing Commands

Chapter 6 Panel Drawings
Insert Footprint (Icon Menu)
Insert Footprint (Schematic List)
Insert Component (Panel List)
Edit Footprint
Assign Item Numbers
Add Balloons

Chapter 7 Terminals
Insert Terminal Symbols
Multiple Level Terminals
Multiple Insert Component Command
Insert Jumpers
Terminal Strip Editor
DIN Rail Command

Chapter 8 PLC Symbols
Insert PLC (Parametric)
Insert PLC (Full Units)
Insert Individual PLC I/O Points
PLC Based Tagging
Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility

Chapter 9 Point-to-Point Wiring Drawings
Insert Connectors
Edit Connectors
Insert Splices
Insert Multiple Wires
Bend Wires

Chapter 10 Symbol Creation
Schematic Symbols
Naming Convention
Icon Menu Wizard
AutoCAD Electrical Databases
Project Database
Catalog Database
Footprint Lookup Database
PLC Database

Chapter 11 Titleblocks
Update Titleblocks
Titleblock Setup

Chapter 12 Reporting Tools
Create Reports
Save to External File
Put on Drawing
Configure Report Templates
Running Automatic Reports
Electrical Audit

Chapter 13 Settings and Templates
Project Properties
Drawing Properties
Panel Drawing Configuration
Template Files
Sharing Symbol Libraries and Databases

Chapter 14 Drawing Update Tools
Project-Wide Update/Retag
Project-Wide Utilities
Plot Project
Export to Spreadsheet
Update from Spreadsheet
Copy Project
Swap/Update Block
Mark Drawings
Verify Drawings