Webinar: Autodesk What’s New Updates 2025

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To all our loyal customer, are you ready to discover the latest Autodesk advancements in their design and engineering technology? Join us for an exclusive webinar unveiling the features and enhancements of Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2025, Revit 2025 and Inventor 2025 version.

Webinar Highlights:

AutoCAD 2025:
• Hatch enhancement
• Smart blocks: search and convert
• Smart blocks: object detection tech preview
• Autodesk assistant: enhanced with autodesk AI

Revit 2025:
• Single-element or empty arrays in families
• Toposolid Enhancements
• Background Export to PDF
• Create Walls into Auto Join and Lock
• Sheet Collections
• Multiple Alignments
•  Coordination Model Changes
• Analytical Duct and Pipe Segments
• Parametric Splicing for Typical Rebars

Inventor 2025
• Finishing feature enhancement
• Patterning enhancement (boundary settings)
• Sheetmetal modernization
• Hole command new drill point types
• Annotations – Part list properties in text box
• General parts enhancements – merge cells
• Assembly modeling – display separate colors feature

Event Details :

Date & Time :

What’s New in AutoCAD 2025
a.    07 June (Friday) – 11 am
b.    27 June 2024 (Thurs) – 11 am

What’s New in Revit 2025
a.    07 June 2024 (Thurs), 11 am
b.     28 June 2024 (Fri) – 11 am

What’s New in Inventor 2025
a.    07 June 2024 (Fri) – 3 pm
b.    28 June 2024 (Fri) – 3 pm

Duration : Approx 60 minutes
Platform : Online
(Link will be provided a day before the webinar commence. Registration is required)
Fee: FREE (RSVP is required)

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What’s New in AutoCAD 2025
 Not Joining 06 June 24 (Thurs). 11am 27 June 2024 (Thurs),11am

What’s New in Revit 2025
 Not Joining 07 June 24 (Fri). 11am 28 June 2024 (Fri),11am

What’s New in Inventor 2025
 Not Joining 07 June 24 (Fri). 3pm 28 June 2024 (Fri),3pm

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