Steel Fabricator – Fabrication

Realize 3D model benefits in fabrication


Model-based workflows increase productivity through improved project management and comprehensive information flow between detailing and fabrication : The information-rich models are the mandatory basis for modern fabrication planning and management.

When the constructible Tekla Structures model is the source of information, you always have the same consistent data to utilize, be it for material reports, fabrication drawings or data for the production office and shop floor.

Cumulating additional information such as logistic plans, assembly status, schedules and material traceability information in the model helps to plan and monitor projects and production. With easy to use mobile solutions, everybody has access to the visual 3D model information, which helps fabrication personnel to better understand the work in progress and improves both the efficiency and quality of production.

With Tekla Structures you can also quickly create conceptual models and generate accurate quantities for estimation and bidding, visualize structural solutions and present them in a professional way to your clients to help them understand better the project and win you more work.

With Tekla you can:
  • Interface with the industry leading technologies like CNC, MIS and ERP
  • Use the model to plan and follow up the projects and production status
  • Stay on top of changes in estimating, scheduling, procurement and production management
  • Share project information using Trimble’s mobile solutions and streamline the process

Work effectively with complementary technologies

  • Interface with all the leading MIS software and CNC equipment via proprietary links as well as standard formats including IFC, DXF, DWG and DSTV-NC.
  • Integrate Tekla Structures with your own processes and applications through the Tekla Open API™ programming interface for seamless data transfer.

Get most out of the detailed 3D model

  • Plan and manage the project by classifying and organizing the detailed model into building sections, project phases, truck lots or any breakdown.
  • Communicate and monitor progress by visualizing production status in the model.
  • Optimize production planning by including erection sequences and detailing status information to the model.
  • Generate up to date reports on demand
  • Inquire additional dimensions as needed using our desktop or mobile applications

Mobile solutions bring the visual 3D model to shop floor and site

  • Streamline the process by sharing project information with Trimble’s mobile solutions
  • View, navigate and get item information from the model with easy to use mobile tools.
  • Improve understanding of the project on the shop floor with visual models
  • Enhance communication by adding comments, questions, etc. to the model objects and share it with others