Top reasons AutoCAD users upgrade to Inventor and the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

For decades, AutoCAD has served you and your team well. And, as the software has gotten better over time, so have you. So why would you consider a change?

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Top reasons:


Parametric 3D modeling allows for intent and relationships to be created between geometric features, leading to a significant reduction in time spent incorporating design changes. A single parameter can cascade geometric updates throughout the model. In addition, drawings are associative to the 3D model and automatically update alongside any changes.


3D models provide a clearer understanding of what is
happening in your design, so issues and opportunities for improvement that are difficult to discern in 2D become more readily apparent. In addition, 3D models can be used to generate high-fidelity renderings and animations, so you can show off your product to the world with stunning visualizations.


With the addition of parameters, rules can be defined that automatically configure products to customer
specification. This not only reduces engineering time spent on configuration so they’re free to work on other valuable projects, but your sales teams can be equipped with the configurator to more rapidly respond to RFPs.


When working with 3D parametric modeling, manufacturing deliverables can be generated automatically and updated any time the model is changed. BOMs are derived from the 3D CAD model and can be version managed. CAM software can rapidly produce
CNC toolpaths. Additionally, model-based definition can be used to convey detailed manufacturing information, directly attached to the 3D model.


Using simulation tools integrated into the modeling environment provide the opportunity to test and analyze
designs early and throughout the development process. From tolerance stack-ups to stress and thermal analysis, you can get immediate feedback on your design decisions with the ability to easily modify the model to incorporate design enhancements.

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The need for more agility in design, and in the development process as a whole, requires a modern modeling approach. Learn how you can easily incorporate design changes, get more value from your models, and reuse your existing design data by modeling in parametric 3D.

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