Model, Plan and Pour Concrete

Concrete Contractors

Would you like to be more competitive, win work and make more money, and finish jobs more quickly with less labor and waste?

tekla-solution-concrete-contractors-1180-590-bFor a concrete contractor, an accurate 3D Tekla model delivers benefit at every stage of the construction process. Quantity take-off is fast and accurate, giving you better estimates. To save time and money, reducing site errors is important – with Tekla software, you can make sure everything fits before you build it. And to keep everyone informed, share your model freely with the engineer and contractor.

Tekla software serves the whole concrete construction workflow:

  • Model for preconstruction: Quickly create accurate 3D model of your job.
  • Plan to pour: Use the 3D model to get organized, estimate and efficiently prepare to pour.
  • Pour on site: Take the model on site to pour the concrete confident everything is covered.

Accurate Concrete Pour Models

Tekla offers a purpose-built solution for concrete construction. You can use it at any stage of the design and construction process and have easy to use tools to create concrete models that behave like real concrete.

Knowing the quantities

With Tekla, you can generate accurate quantities faster. Because all information is created in 3D, it is easier to adapt to changes in design during the bidding phase. Because you perform quantity take offs in the same solution where you are planning, all of your estimates are rooted in solid planning information.

Rebar without clashes

With Tekla you can model and visualize large amounts of fully detailed rebar quickly and easily. Fast clash detection lets you find and resolve faults before fabrication. You can produce placing drawings and schedules and foresee and avoid difficulties in installation.

Avoid errors on site, save time and money.

Key benefits:
  • Increase pour productivity with quick and easy 3D concrete modeling.
  • Reduce risk with accurate quantity take-offs.
  • Visualize for better project understanding.
  • Avoid errors.
  • Improve insight communication.