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Trimble has announced a big change to how customer purchase SketchUp products. It’s an important shift in the way Trimble do business that allows continuously supporting, developing, and making SketchUp even better.

Trimble will stop selling our Classic Perpetual Licenses and Maintenance & Support (M&S) renewal plans after November 4, 2020. In respect, customer can:

  1. Buy SketchUp Perpetual Licenses before End-of-Sales date.(4th Nov 2020)
  2. Renew expired/expiring SketchUp M&S before End-of-Sales date (4th Nov 2020) to enjoy FREE VERSION UPGRADE in Quarter 1, 2021.
  3. Migrate expired SketchUp M&S below 3-years to SketchUp Annual Subscription license at 60% off (Valid thru 24th July 2020).

Today, and going forward, Trimble will offer customers a subscription to SketchUp. The subscriptions include more features, products, and services than the Classic Perpetual License can offer.

End of classic license FAQ :

November 4, 2020. Customers whose M&S renewal date falls on or before November 4, 2020 are eligible to renew any time before that day.

Your classic license will continue to work after this date. You will continue to own and have full usage of the license. Keep in mind that license plans expiring after November 4, 2020 cannot be renewed or extended but you can switch to a subscription at any time.

(We recommend saving the installer file for your version on media other than your computer).

Yes, you can renew your M & S support plan until November 4, 2020. as long as your M&S renewal date falls on or before that day.

You will have access to the M&S plan benefits, including Support, for the full duration of your M&S plan, even if those plans extend past Nov 4, 2020, but license plans expiring after Nov 4, 2020 cannot be renewed or extended.

Yes, this change will be reflected across all the regions where SketchUp is sold.

SketchUp’s Maintenance & Support subscription gives you license upgrades for major SketchUp Pro releases when they become available, minor releases which include bug fixes, and access to our Pro technical support resources, all for a year. With the sunsetting of our M&S plans, all of these benefits will be available as part of our subscription offerings.

You will continue to get the benefits of the M&S plan through November 3, 2021 or the expiration of your license (whichever comes first). Your license plan will not be eligible for any updates to products that are deployed after November 3, 2021. You also won’t be able to access Pro Technical Support and cloud services.

If you purchase an M&S plan on Nov 4, 2020, you’ll get all the benefits through Nov 3, 2021.

You can continue to use your Classic perpetual license at the version you have. To receive subsequent product updates and bug fixes, and to access Pro Technical Support, you will need to sign up for a subscription.

Yes, you can renew your M&S prior to its expiration through November 4, 2020. You are eligible for renewal if your M&S is due to expire within the next 6 months for customers in all countries except mainland china, as long as the transaction happens before November 4, 2020. Note that all M&S plans will not be supported beyond November 3, 2021.

Should there be discrepancy of information, please refer Trimble website : as final.

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