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“The government expects the construction industry to adopt the Building Information Modelling (BIM) system within the next five years.”

-by on 30th September 2020

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Why digital transformation/ Digital Construction?


The construction industry is changing rapidly. BIM-enabled workflows and digital project delivery drives positive outcomes by reducing rework, decreasing constructability issues, and optimizing schedule duration.

What are general contractors saying about BIM?


In a recent study of nearly 300 contractors, 64% believe BIM workflows can help to reduce the number of on-site constructability issues, 51% expect to reduce defects at handover, and 50% believe construction handovers will be smoother.

51% of general contractors believe BIM leads to improved stakeholder engagement and 52% expect to increase their percentage of successful projects. Meanwhile, 52% of speciality contractors believe BIM will be highly valuable in improving their win rate.

Smarter tools, better outcomes


Unlock a smarter way of working with virtual design and construction workflows. With more-efficient and better-connected workflows in a cloud-based BIM environment, you can take on demanding challenges and enjoy better project outcomes.

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