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Accelerate the move to BIM and reduce disruption with the 10 Steps

Over years of working with company that successfully adopted BIM, Autodesk identified and recommended 10 common steps that help to both accelerate the process and reduce the disruption that can accompany change.

Designate one or two people to learn more about how BIM will affect the way your team works. For instance, in the 2D world, many firms leave the details to the later stages of the design process. With BIM, many design details need to be worked out much earlier.

High-level leaders should take a leading role in letting people know the firm is definitely moving to BIM. The message is “we are moving to BIM because it’s critical to our future,” not “we’re trying BIM.” Be sure to communicate the anticipated benefits of BIM for your firm and clients. It will be easier to rally the team around a compelling future vision than by talking too much about mandates.

BIM isn’t just software; it’s a collaborative process that relies on intelligent 3D models. But you’ll need software to create those models. Take the time to explore available software, and consider whether your current hardware has sufficient processing power. Some older, less powerful hardware may need to be passed on to team members outside the design department.

This plan should document at a high level how your team anticipates BIM changing established workflows, who needs training and when they’ll get it, and how you’ll support people when they have questions and issues. Support is probably the most important item; organizational change happens faster and more successfully when you help people adopt new ways of working.

For most firms, it makes sense to run a BIM pilot. If you do dozens of small projects each year, consider completing one pilot and capturing lessons learned before running several more pilot projects. A firm with just a few massive multi-year projects might prefer to capture lessons learned from an initial pilot as it happens, while also initiating all new projects in BIM.

As your pilot project (or projects) progresses, have the team document BIM processes. Consider your preferred outputs and how your team needs to do BIM to support them. It’s tempting to try to create standards during or before running a pilot, but your ideas about standards will evolve as you use BIM. Starting with standards could slow your team down and complicate the BIM adoption process unnecessarily.

You’ll find that some people in your firm are excited about BIM – perhaps they even learned about BIM as part of their education or while working at another firm. Try to put BIM champions on every pilot project, and provide them with the additional training and support they need to help teammates adopt BIM.

It is important to provide training to people who are about to begin a BIM project. A common mistake is to train the whole firm at once, but then transition to BIM project by project over the course of a year or two. People on later projects will have forgotten much of what they learned in training.

You’ll see the most benefits from BIM when you share models with other firms that are also working in BIM. Many firms find that integrating models into a single, shared model accelerates the coordination process and opens the door to a new level of collaboration.

As you use BIM, you’ll find that it enables new visualization, coordination and analysis capabilities. Look for ways to turn these new capabilities into value – and new service offerings – for clients. Communicate the value of BIM to current and potential clients in your marketing, and let them know you’re ready to meet the requirements of looming BIM mandates.

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