Best Offer Guaranteed

You are getting the best possible offer at the time of purchase – guaranteed.

If you find your purchase on another better offer (within Malaysia) , contact our sales team without delay. We will match the offer including the rate of the other deal if the following conditions are met:

1. You have contacted us immediately after purchasing with all the details of the other deal including a reference offer (e.g web link, quotation) and the exact price being quoted.
2. The other deal is still valid and available when we check.
3. The other deal is subject to the same product you have opted for. This means:

It is the same product, version, license, and duration from the same principle
It has the same duration and syllabus (for training)
It has identical conditions attached (including free gift, terms, package offer, etc.)

Our Best Price Guarantee offer does not apply if:

1. Comparing with pirated software
2. You purchase through oversea reseller/portal.
3. You don’t contact us until 14 days after we have confirmed your order.